My music on


Just found out my music to be played on - BIG THANK-YOU!!


KERR Concert November 9, 2013


Once again I will be opening for Fiona Joy Hawkins and Trysette at the KERR Cultural Center Saturday November 9, 2013.

As a thank-you to those who will be attending - I plan on giving out FREE download cards for my MANY PATHS CD - a 2011 Zone Music Reporter winner for BEST NATIVE AMERICAN ALBUM.  Just make sure you see me at the end of the concert to collect your FREE download card. With this card you will be able to download the entire MANY PATHS CD for free from the CDBaby website. Hope to see you there!


On The Radio in England!


My thanks to Chrissie and One World Radio in Great Britain for the chance to talk about music - you can hear the entire show here:


Two Grand I'm Yours - Take 2


So happy to be able once again to open for the lovely talents of Fiona Joy Hawkins and Trysette at the KERR Cultural Center in Scottsdale on November 9, 2013. I'm hoping to be able to get Rod Ibieta into the mix here - looking forward to this for sure!


NOLA Bound!


So excited to be going to New Orleans in May!  It's an honor to be asked to perform and present at the Zone Music Reporter Awards show. See all the details here:  -->  ZMR Awards Show in NOLA


Hope to see you there!!



My Music on Astreaux World Podcast


Pleased to have the music of SECOND WIND and MANY PATHS featured on this 60 minute podcast -->

Thank-you Astreaux World!


Zone Music Reporter Awards Show - May 2013


How cool to be asked to perform and present the award for Best Native American Album 2012 at the very first Zone Music Reporter Awards show in New Orleans next May 2013!  Looking forward to it - and I do believe that at least one of my collaborators on MANY PATHS - the very talented Rod Ibieta - will also be there to add to the performance. I am VERY excited about this!  Thank-you Zone Music Reporter!!!


Old Town Scottsdale


Will be starting once again to play in Old Town Scottsdale - dates will soon be listed on the "Appearance Page" - Lorrie is also working on new music for a new CD - only time will tell when it will be ready to be unleashed onto the world...


Nice to be on the radio in England!


Nice to be a part of this!

"LADY-VOX Pt 3 & 4": September 8th 2012

'Hawke Chill Out Sessions' @ 11pm BST on 102.3 HFM (UK) Internet Streaming:

Thank-you Terry Hawke for all your support!


Paul Landau Photography Exhibit and My Music - Together !


Come to the Boyce Thompson Arboretum on Saturday July 9th, 2012  1 - 3 PM to see the amazing photography of Paul Landau -

I'll be there playing my flutes as you browse his beautiful photography of hummingbirds and the Cosmos.  

For more info -->  Paul Landau



United Kingdom Interview May 5th 2012


May 5th Interview at 7:15 PM MST - Live on Line streaming at on Hawke Chill Out Sessions with Terry James Hawke ! Thank-you for all your support !!


A Nice Write up on MANY PATHS


Michael Diamond has a nice write up of MANY PATHS on his Music and Media Focus Blog:

Find it here: --> Music and Media Focus


MANY PATHS takes an award!



My thanks to ZMR and all the broadcasters who voted !

See all the winners here: --> 2011 ZMR Award Finalists


MANY PATHS is a 2011 Nominee!


MANY PATHS has been nominated for BEST NATIVE AMERICAN ALBUM for 2011 at Zone Music Reporter!

My thanks to all the fans and broadcasters!  Winners will be announced March 11, 2012.

See all the nominees --> Zone Music Reporter


MANY PATHS qualifies for Four Awards!


MANY PATHS has qualified for four possible awards for 2011 from Zone Music Reporter including Album of the Year, Best Relaxation/Meditation Album, Best Cover Art, and Best Native American Album.

Zone Music Reporter 2011 Qualifiers


Nominations will be announced Feb 12, 2012

Winners will be announced March 11, 2012


My thanks to all the broadcasters who have been playing the music !


MANY PATHS Makes a Top 100 List for 2011!


I am so thrilled to be in Zone Music Reporter's Top 100 Airplay List for 2011!

My thanks to the fans, and all the radio stations and internet outlets for playing the music of MANY PATHS!

Zone Music Reporter Top 100 Airplay List for 2011


The Music of MANY PATHS on Women of Substance Radio


ARRIVAL and MANY PATHS from the MANY PATHS CD will be on Women of Substance Radio from now until the end of March ! The show is known as "Instrumental Women" and airs Saturdays 11 AM -12 Noon Eastern Time - 8 AM - 9 AM Pacific Time.

Thank-you Women of Substance Radio!




MANY PATHS is still in the top 20 on cable TV's MUSIC CHOICE SOUNDSCAPES channel - thanks MUSIC CHOICE and SOUNDSCAPES for playing the music of MANY PATHS!


Music from SECOND WIND makes a Top Ten List


FLOATING from the SECOND WIND CD has made a Top Ten List


Check it out here: -->  ASTREAUXWORLD


2 Songs to be featured on Women of Substance Radio


Now thru December, Women of Substance Radio will be playing "Arrival" and "Many Paths" from the MANY PATHS CD. WOS's "Instrumental Women" show runs every Saturday 8-9 AM Pacific Time, 11 AM-Noon Eastern Time.  My thanks to Bree Noble and Women of Substance Radio on Live365 !

Women of Substance Radio Playlists


MANY PATHS at #25 at Zone Music Reporter!


Thrilled that the MANY PATHS CD is ranked at #25 at ZoneMusicReporter!

August 2010 Top 100


MANY PATHS STILL in Top 30 10 months after its release!


MANY PATHS is STILL ranking at #26 on the charts at ZoneMusicReporter !

ZMR July 2010 Top 100


New You Tube video!


Enjoy "Celestial Seas" with the awesome talent of Fiona Joy Hawkins on piano and imagery from the Hubble telescope...the song is available on the MANY PATHS CD.

Celestial Seas


2 Songs from MANY PATHS CD to be featured on Women Of Substance Radio


ARRIVAL and MANY PATHS from the MANY PATHS CD will be featured on Women of Substance Radio over the next three months - My thanks to Bree Noble and Women of Substance Radio on Live365!

Women of Substance Radio


New YouTube Video!


Enjoy the sights and sounds of Tucson's Paca de Paja - a wonderful B&B just west of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. The video also includes the music SHIFTING SANDS from the MANY PATHS CD - Enjoy!

Shifting Sands at Paca de Paja


MANY PATHS makes the Top 10 for February 2011 at !


MANY PATHS has moved into the Top 10 New Age Recordings at My thanks to all the radio stations and internet outlets who are playing the music!

February 2011 Top Ten



MANY PATHS makes a TOP 20 Playlist



               WVKR-FM "Secret Music" Top 20 Playlist

                               February, 2011


1. Ken Elkinson - Music For Commuting - August Son Productions

2. Lorrie Sarafin - Many Paths - Lizard Dance Productions

3. Erdem Helvacioglu & Ros Bandt - Black Falcon - Pozitif

4. Janne Hanhisuanto - Water Stories - Earth Mantra

5. Kyle Bobby Dunn - A Young Persons Guide To - Self Released

6. Gert Emmens - Metamorphosis - Groove Unlimited

7. Kubusschnitt - Entropy's Evolution - Self Released

8. Hunter Van Larkins - Myriad - CandyRat Records

9. Bas Broekhuis, Detlef Keller and Mario Schonwalder - In Repelen - Manikin Records

10. Szymon Kaliski - Out Of Forgetting - Self Released

11. Dave Luxton - Dark Moon - Wayfarer

12. Ron Boots and - Refuge en Verre - Groove Unlimited

13. Create - We Live By the Machines - Groove Unlimited

14. Dan Pound - Aurora - Pound Sounds

15. Kathryn Kaye - Dreaming Still - Self Released

16. Jumpel - Europa - Hidden Shoal Recordings

17. Celer - Dying Star - Dragon's Eye

18. Paradiso & Rasamayi - 3rd Eye Rising - 5th Element Music

19. Ray Carl Daye - Echoes From The Aether - RCD Music

20. Steve Davison - White River Suite - Self Released


MANY PATHS charts at #12 for January 2011 at Zone Music Reporter


The new CD MANY PATHS is moving up the charts - now at #12 for The Top 100 at


January 2011 Top 100


Thanks to all the radio stations and internet outlets that are playing the music!


Women of Substance Radio playing SECOND WIND songs


Women of Substance Radio on Live365 will be playing CEREMONY and CAMELBACK SHADOWS off the SECOND WIND CD every Saturday throughout March.  Thank you Women of Substance Radio!!

WOS Radio


MOUNTAIN TEMPLE MIST makes a Top 10 List


One of the songs off MANY PATHS has made a Top 10 list at Astreaux World:

Feb 7, 2011 Top 10


Many Paths debuts at #18


MANY PATHS has made its debut at #18 in the Top 100 for December 2010 on the charts!

Dec 2010 Top 100


MANY PATHS makes Best of 2010 List !


My thanks to Bill Binkelman of Zone Music Reporter who has chosen MANY PATHS as one of his favorites of 2010 !


Bill Binkleman's Best of 2010 List


Ambient Visions Review of MANY PATHS


Here's the first review of MANY PATHS:


Ambient Visions Review by Michael Foster


MANY PATHS is here!


The new CD MANY PATHS is finally available. 

Find both MANY PATHS and SECOND WIND on CDBaby.


An Interview with Renee Quail


Here's an interview on Renee Quail's blog - thought you might like to see it:


An Interview with Flutist Lorrie Sarafin


Copyright Alliance Interview on YouTube


Lorrie is featured in an interview on the Copyright Alliance's "Creators Across America" Series...

You can see it on YouTube here:


SECOND WIND added to Astreaux World on Live


You can check out the spacious sounds from Astreaux World here:

My thanks to Astreaux World for all the support!


SECOND WIND music on Live 365!


Just got word that some of my music from SECOND WIND will be on the playlist at Women of Substance Radio on Live365!  Thank-you Women of Substance Radio!


New Video


Posted a new video on my Official FB Musician Page and also on YouTube.  The music is called "Evening Falls" and the video is sunset at Half Dome in Yosemite National Park.

Find it here on FB: Sunset at Half Dome

Find it here on YouTube: Sunset at Half Dome



New YouTube video...


A collaboration with Rod Ibieta - "ARRIVAL" - set to images of Big Horn sheep at the Phoenix, AZ Zoo.


See it here:


New YouTube Video Collaboration


A mutual friend introduced Cara Schingeck to me. She is an artist who manipulates historical images and she was looking for some music to go with her latest project. And so...a new collaboration was born!


See the you Tube video here:

Northwest Indians


Offical FaceBook Fan Page now Operational


My official FaceBook Fan Page is now up and running! Stop by and say "Hi" !


Lorrie Sarafin

Promote Your Page Too


A new Bubbletweet! Enjoy!


Didn't realize how easy it is to play "Evenstar" from LOTR on my E-minor flute!


Once in a Blue Moon..


New blog entry - "Once in Blue Moon"


Out West Art Fest 2010

So nice to be invited back to play at the 2nd annual OUT WEST ART FEST in Cave Creek, AZ. Come on out Feb 27 and 28, 2010 to Stagecoach Village and hear the soothing sounds of the Native American Flute and see the creations of over 80 local and nationally acclaimed artists!

My first "BubbleTweet" on Twitter !

I can see GREAT possibilities with this!

"Camelback Shadows" to be featured on New Age Compilation CD

The New Age Music Circle has put together a promotional music CD which will be handed out at the International New Age Trade Show in Denver June 26-28, 2009. "Camelback Shadows" is featured prominently on this compilation and I am so excited to be a part of this project!

New You Tube Video with Fiona Joy Hawkins...

A YouTube exclusive! Award winning pianist Fiona Joy Hawkins gave an impromptu performance from her new BLUE DREAM CD earlier this year in Santa Monica - I later added some flute for this virtual collaboration...Enjoy!

Great New Age Music Site!

If you like New Age Music - join this site. Most of the artists have music that you can listen to...for free of course! :-)

Lorrie's NEW Blog


Access my new Healing Soundscapes blog here: I am really loving the ease of this new blog set-up - Thanks Google! The Blog now has my music available on it - courtesy of ReverbNation!


New YouTube Video!

Some of the sights at the recent 2008 Hidden in the Hills Art Tour at Beth Zink's Cave Creek, Arizona Studio...

Lorrie is now on Facebook

Join Facebook and look me up! :-) If you're aleady on Facebook - here's a link to a new video detailing the sights and sounds at the Desert Canyon Farmer's Market in North Scottsdale. Thanks M&M Events for all your support!

Join me on Twitter!

12th Annual Hidden in the Hills Art Tour

For the third consecutive year I'll be providing background music at Beth Zink's Cave Creek Studio as part of the 12th Annual Hidden in the Hills Art Tour. I enjoy doing this so much because Beth's studio is surrounded by desert beauty and the artwork is just so incredibly beautiful! Come on out for a day of gorgeous art and soothing music ... The dates I'll be there are Sunday Nov 23rd, Saturday Nov 29th and Sunday Nov 30th 2008. Hours are from 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM. For more info on Hidden in the Hills:

New YouTube video!

More nature footage that I gathered with the CANON FS-100 - this time in a nearby local park. SONG FOR STEPHANIE

11th Annual Hidden in the Hills Art Tour

For the second year, I'll be providing background music at Beth Zink's Cave Creek studio as part of the 11th Annual Hidden in the Hills Art Tour. For more info see the "Appearances" page or visit the following link:

"SECOND WIND" to air on 90 public radio stations...

Join "Women In Music" host Laney Goodman the week of October 24th to listen to music from SECOND WIND. Her nationally syndicated radio show airs on various public radio stations throughout the nation.

SECOND WIND called "Brilliant Debut"...

Serge Kozlovsky has reviewed SECOND WIND and has called it a "brilliant debut" - check out the full review at:

Farewell (for now) to Bill Binkelman on KFAI-FM.

My best wishes go out to Bill Binkelman - who ended a six year run of his radio program "Wind & Wire" on KFAI-FM. His last show aired on August 19, 2006 - and I was indeed very much honored to have one of my songs from SECOND WIND on his very last show: Thank-you Bill for all your support and for all your hard work for the ambient music industry. The airwaves just won't be the same without you! I know in my heart you will find exactly what you desire. All my best to you and yours.

SECOND WIND charts in the TOP 100!

SECOND WIND has charted in the TOP 100 at from March 2006 to June 2006. My thanks to all the broadcasters who are continuing to support this music!

SECOND WIND is #2 for Playlist Spins for May 2006 at!

My thanks to all the broadcasters who have been playing SECOND WIND!

SECOND WIND now on iTunes!

Download the music at iTunes!

SECOND WIND is in the Top 20 Playlist Spins for April 2006

"SECOND WIND" is #10 for April 2006 on WWSP-FM's "Acoustic Resonance/Fantasy Realm" and is #8 on WVKR-FM's "Secret Music"...

Cutting Edge Voices Interview


Check out the interview on Cutting Edge Voices here:


Check out the Ambient Visions Interview


Ambient Visions has a new interview with me on their website. Find out everything (well - not EVERYthing ;-) that you ever wanted to know about me and how the music for "Second Wind" came about. You can access the interview here:


SECOND WIND gets an "Excellent" Review

Bill Binkelman, KFAI-FM Wind & Wire, has given "Second Wind" an Excellent rating in his review of the music. You can access the review by visiting the NewAgeReporter website: Thanks so much Bill for the review that had me in tears when I read it!