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Yes we do love your music. And I am sending some Love.
Hi Lorrie, how delightful to watch the creative process at work. Thanks for tuning us in. Good luck on 5/11 Sally
The site looks great, Lorrie . . . and the music is always wonderful.
Hi Lorrie, I went into Davids LinkedIn page and found that he just connected to you today and wondered what woudl lead such a great musician to you. So I followed his path and came to yours and it simply put a smile on face and in my heart to hear your music. So grateful. Thank you for the peace you offered me on this cool windy rainy New England day. Regards to you and your sounds on earth, Jasmine Fhilee-
When I heard the selection "Arrival" I thought of my late wife. She was Part Cherokee Indian. The tune is beautiful as she was.
Beautiful Lorrie, I am your biggest fan. I am a Frustrated Miami Musician, played all the Clubs, did this, did that...etc....Although I love to play my pianos, I've never been quite happy with the coldness in most people, the discrimination because I am a woman, overweight. Then here YOU are, a lovely woman that gives me goose bumps when I hear you play your Flute. I love your Philosophy on life and wish that I could some day meet you in person there in Arizona, or here in Miami! Bless you and your art! Please look at my Profile on Facebook or Google. Creator blessings to you always...Cleo Lenora Wolf
Wow Lorrie, the music is very soothing, mystical. This gray matter has escaped! Thank you for the inivte & I look forward to purchasing your CD. Have a great day! ;-)
Thanks Lorrie for your invitation to your new website. I'll track this place as to find it when in need of some quiet and impressive moments, looking at your wonderful pictures
Your music is wonderful. Very unique and calming. A pleasure to experience. Thank you. (2nd email addy)
I have been on a journey of sorts for a while now.....I felt content when I woke up this morning. Then I looked over at the TV with Soundscapes (stays on all night) to see what the name of the beautiful song playing. It was "Arrival" from Many Paths by you....and your name is spelled the same as mine....there are not many of us "Lorries" out there! And to see that your last name is Sarafin which is derived from a type of angel......it sent total love and peace throughout my being. You are a gift !!!
I absolutely love your new CD Many Paths. I listen to it everyday in the office. Great job!!!!!
Second Wind has been the perfect accompaniment to my morning routine of meditation, chant and writing over the last several months. Soothing and mystical, it has turned out to be my favorite instrumental album ever. Thanks Lorrie!
Lorrie has long been one of my favorite musicians, a friend and an inspiration for my own flute playing. You can here her connection to the natural world thru every note and it is music that speaks to the soul. Carry on, dear friend......we could use more like you!
I was so happy to find your website and enjoy your beautiful music. You were my mentor when I first started playing the flute. Playing the flute is a Gift of expressing what is in our hearts. Thank so much for sharing yourself.
Hi amazing music. Was a pleasure listening to them and I thanked God for making you so gifted.
Lorrie, You have such a wonderful talent to bring both - Sound and Silence - together! I especially love your way to combine the natural sound of flute with synthesized soundscapes. Great work and beautiful music! Bobbi is my fav :) Julian Ray
Awesome Music Lorrie!
My thanks to all for your continued support of the music...May 2010 be a Happy and Prosperous for each and every one of you!
Lorrie I use to play all over those mountains. I went to high school at Carl Hayden high school you made me home sick girl. You have been working at it, and let me say quite well keep it up. We moved back to Tx from Ok and just built our 2nd studio I'm really proud of it. Take a look www.raven horse music.com. Just got back from doing a 3 day gig in Branson Mo. Now I guess I'm to take a little time off to start the new cd. I do not know if you have the last one called serenity. If not let me know and I will gift one to you. Stay in touch maybe we can put something together. That is if your not under contract. Take care Jim S.
I Love Your Music! It's So Soothing! A Great Listen Any Day! Especially At Night! Much Love - JTH
Hi Cruz! No shows scheduled at the moment - but I AM working diligently to get CD # 2 recorded! Thanks so much for stopping by - and big hugs to you and all your loved ones.
Hi Miss Lori I have been thinking alot about you lately are you playing anywhere? so we can go see you Saraha and Manuel say hi also. Love Cruz
The first time i met you years ago. I knew I met someone special. your music is Beautiful.......
Your music is beautiful...... I enjoy it very much.
A moving experience Lorrie. Thank you for being such a creative and talented artist...
I am enjoying getting to know you and your music, Lorrie. Thanks for your friendship.
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Wishing all my visitors Many Blessings for the New Year!
So wonderful to learn that you did end up doing something in music! Will give a listen! (remember my name from Unistar?)
Hi Lorrie, found you on youtube and I am inspired by your heartfelt and exquisite sensitivity and communion with nature. Your presence impacts all the lives of those whom are fotunate enough to hear your work. Thank you for your talents!
Hi Robert - thanks so much for stopping by - but I do believe you are mistakenly crediting me with a composition for which I had nothing to do with - my friend Ginger Haydon has put together a Susan Hayward memorial - so please do let her know how much you like her music! Ginger is an incredibly talented pianist and her music is truly touching! ~May Peace Prevail Lorrie
Thank you for the music....It is a blessing from God to all of us who hear it. Especially "Susan Hayward -- In Loving Memory". I hope they make a film of her the way they did of "Bobby Darin" a little while back called "Beyond The Sea".. Women tend to be forgotton quicker....I don't understand why.
Hi Lorrie, Your sister came down to see us this weekend in Naples and introduced me to your music. I really enjoy your music and your website. Im going to buy your cd now. Im still working on my own website, maybe one day I'll get it up and running.! Congratulations to you and best of everything . Keep up the good work. by the way, Karen says HI!! Linda
Awesome music. Would love to visit...
You are beautiful as your spirit . lakesummer1 I wish you my best Larry
Thanks for what you do. I'm picky about what I listen to and much of what's out there is so-so. Your art is so-wonderful. I work with photgraphy as well and the photos on your website are above average and much appreciated. I'd like to be informed of when you might be setting up your next booth so I can visit it as well. Spirit Rocks, Thomas
Hi Lorrie, Nice to see you 'back'.....Hope all is well with you. s
Judy Sarafin and I spent the weekend together and listened to your music. I enjoyed it . Keep up the good work.
Hi Lorrie... Your music is awesome! Is good t see your website up and running again. Peace in Music, Kori
hi uncle russels dd is in california and would like to hear from you. her email is k.woodcock@verizen.net she will be retirering in arizona and she plays guitar.he name is kathie.
Hi Lorrie, just found this website. Great music:-) Hope you are keeping well. I was at the Zion festival last year. Bought so many new flutes, couldn't afford to go this year:-) Maybe next:-)
Was just thinking of you and wanting to wish you a very happy birthday. I really enjoy your music and always knew you had it in you. How wondrous it is that it was not the piano after all but in the native flute. I have mine, also bought years ago while visiting AZ because I found it simply mesmerizing a sound. I cannot do it justice so I'm even happier that you do. Love from all the Baldasare Family to you.
Very impressive web site. I've enjoyed reading your blog and also the photographs of the southwest US. I look forward to hearing your music. Incidentally, KFAI is a local radio station in Minneapolis, where I live.
This CD is awesome. It is calming and does a body good when not feeling well. 5 stars!
just happened by your website from the Ambient Visions page and thought i'd say i really like the pix of the southwest. *w
hi lorrie, wow i love your cd.aunt rowena sent me it.you are so pretty.remember you when you were about 8 years old.how is your mom?and sister and brother?email me. trudy
Lorrie, As Usual You Have The Support For Your Breathtaking At GLIRadio.com My Brother Gary Lives In Mesa, And I'm Trying To Set Up A Visit With Him. Maybe, I'll Get To Hear More Of Your Music When I'm There. I Think Mesa Is Fairly Close To Scottsdale. Dennis(Dick O'Brien) http://GLIRadio.com
Hello: We just want to say hi and let you know we love your music. Keep up the good work And thank you for the beatiful music .
Lorrie, I am SOOOO happy to see the success you're having with you music. Those NAR numbers are great....its SO nice to see beauty rewarded. Onward!!! Jeff Oster
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